Walking the Sweet Life Home: 30 Day Course

Walking the Sweet Life Home 30 Day Course will help you gain clarity, confidence and connection on your unique energy blueprint.

Welcome to Walking the Sweet Life Home 30 day course!

This is an ideal course if you find yourself:

-Standing in a new pathway, unsure how to refresh, align or connect to the best version of yourself.

-Hiding in small trickle grace or just plain overwhelmed by obstacles in your health, career, and relationships.

-Wanting to dance between the challenges and flow in your life but feel unable to move your feet.

That’s why I created Walking the Sweet Life Home: 30-day Course to start you on your own journey to map, claim and share your Sweet Life.

 What you get in this 30 Day Video Course:

  • Daily Insightful Philosophical Questions to help you map your life
  • Daily Breathing and Grounding exercises to help you claim your life
  • Daily intuitive encouragement to help you share your life

Each daily session of this course is fully narrated and designed for clarity and graceful alignment.  You can return to these videos as often as you would like as you continue on the Sweet Life Journey.

 Sending you love and blessings,

Laura Ann Garris, Life Refresh Coach

$197.00 USD