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We're all just walking each other home."

- Ram Dass

Hi, I'm Laura Ann Garris-

Your Life Refresh Coach

 Why The Sweet Life?

What is the The Sweet Life?

One of my favorite Italian saying is "La Dolce Vita"- translated in English means "Living The Sweet Life." It has a texture and a feeling that begins with confidence, strength and abundance. Put into action, it is sustained through encouragement, energy, and essence daily practices.

Through the customized mixing of Heroic Coaching Practices, Intuitive Wisdom, Reiki Energy, and Expanding Essence Tools, the Life Refresh Coaching Program provides tangible insights to pivot out of your comfort zone with grace and ease into Living The Sweet Life.

How can I experience The Sweet Life?
In 2021, I realized I was meant to share these understandings, connections, and gifts with others who wanted to grow out of their comfort zone. It was then, that I decided to let go of my academic professional life and become your Life Refresh Coach.

Working either through 1:1 coaching, small groups or in a retreat, I will present a customized mix of tools to allow you to grow through your current gritty comfort zone with grace and ease. When you decide to be ALL IN to this process, the life shift can be amazing.

Why The Sweet Life?
Each morning brings me another adventure and yet another chance to step out of my previous comfort zone. As I walk alongside you on your journey to become the best version of yourself, I am also continually growing, tested, and savoring the new levels of growth.

The process through is to slow down enough to embody, reflect and savor these shifts of growth. Here, we learn to celebrate these micro moments of divine grace unleashing the divine momentum of synchronicity in a grateful mindset of deeper peace, joy, and love.

Who can participate in this Coaching to reach The Sweet Life?
Everyone deserves The Sweet Life. Only those that are willing to do the gritty work AND have an “ALL IN” mindset will be success with this Coaching program and course. Remember, you get out of this Coaching what you put into it.

Welcome to this amazing journey, I look forward to connecting with you real soon.

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