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Hi, I'm Laura Ann!

My mission is to magnify authentic self-expression and inspire a heart-centered Sweet Life through coaching, energy work, ancient wisdom, writing, and transformative experiences.

I believe that when individuals are empowered to live from their sacred flame, they can create a ripple effect of positive change in their families, communities, and the world at large.

So, if you feel burned out and exhausted from needing to pivot into the next best version of your life... don't worry, you've come to the right place.

You deserve to live the Sweet Life.

As you receive that truth, know that I've got your back with my signature programs full of  Heroic encouragement, Reiki energy, and New Renaissance modalities. Each will assist you in unfolding the next leap of faith on your soulful journey of purpose.

Join me as we take this adventurous journey together.

Living the Sweet Life, Laura Ann Garris

Living Your Sweet Life Coaching

Ready to go ALL IN for unfolding your unique energy blueprint to refresh, align and connect to the fullness of your Sweet Life?

With 1:1 coaching, you will receive a customized weekly session to guide you on your journey.

  • 12 weeks of Customized 1:1 Coaching
  • Intuitive practices for leading with Grace 
  • Heroic tools for structuring with Grit 
  • Mapping Your Sweet Life 
  • Reiki Energy Sessions

Coaching for your Journey  

Exploration of the Sweet Life Journey Call with Laura Ann

Ready to be refreshed, aligned and connected to your Sweet Life? If not now... When?

Explore the life that is waiting beyond the edge of your comfort zone through Living The Sweet Life Coaching Program. 

Both individual coaching and small group coaching sessions may be available. 

Limited Availability.  New Clients Only


Sign up below for your  complimentary 15-minute exploration call with Laura Ann at the link below or email [email protected]  for more details.

*Note: All new individual- 3 month coaching clients must have an initial 15 minute  call before beginning our session

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Walking the Sweet Life Home

A 30 day Self-Paced Course to motivate and encourage your authentic alignment.

Each video is under 4 minutes long, so it is perfect to watch in on the go or as part of your morning self-care. This course was created to start you on your own journey to map, claim and share your Sweet Life. This is an ideal course if you find yourself:

  • Standing in a new pathway, unsure how to refresh, align or connect to the best version of yourself.

  What you get in this 30 Day Video Course:

  • Daily Insightful Philosophical Questions to help you map your life
  • Daily Breathing and Grounding exercises to help you claim your life
  • Daily intuitive encouragement to help you share your life

Each daily session of this course is fully narrated and designed for clarity and graceful alignment.  You can return to these videos as often as you would like as you continue on the Sweet Life Journey.

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Mapping Your Sweet Life

Are you ready to understand your unique energy blueprint for mapping your Sweet Life?
Threading a custom blend of certified Heroic coaching, intuitive wisdom, reiki energy, your natal birth chart information, and your human design code, this session will walk you through key indicators and pathways to reach and live your unfolding gifts.
Session Includes:
  • 45 minute session on Zoom
  • Charts and reports included
  • You will be contacted for scheduling of session
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We're all just walking each other home.

- Ram Dass

Enjoy the Weekly Refresh with Laura Ann

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What clients are saying...

I know from personal experience that Laura Ann is an amazing Life Refresh Coach!  She can tune into your life situation and provide the necessary guidance to help you release any stuckness and self-limiting beliefs.  I highly recommend working with her to get your life force optimized and build positive momentum toward the best version of yourself.- Chris Cirak, Cirak Inc.

Sometimes the simplest answer is the easiest. And often extremely talented people don't recognize their gifts, because they are normal for them. Yet we perceive them as extraordinary. Laura's work IS powerful. I attest first-hand!     -Diann A., California 

Warm, welcoming coaching that allows me to open up with ease.   - Cam, Seattle Washington

Interviews with Life Refresh Coach, Laura Ann Garris

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Listen to an introduction of Written in Her Own Words - Wise Woman Wisdom 

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