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Hi, I'm Laura Ann Garris.

I'm ready to coach you to understand the CYCLES, PATTERNS, AND WISDOM of your unique energy blueprint. By learning conscious tools that reveal more of your authentic virtues, hidden superpowers, and creative cadence, you will feel completely¬†REFRESHED¬†as you come back to your¬†RADIANT SELF. ūüĆŅūüíú

I’ve found with my clients as well as in my own life experiences, that when we are refreshed and radiant, we create a ripple effect of positive change in our families, communities, and the world at large.

I would love for you to feel authentically refreshed and radiant! By choosing to trust your intuition, activate your authentic virtues and understand your unique energy blueprint, a new level of conscious growth can be revealed.

With my signature blend of multi-layered tools of energy healing, creativity, ancient wisdom, and coaching techniques, I can guide you to feel better and re-claim your authentic superpowers.  

You can make it through your current challenges and start Living Your Sweet Life. This doesn't have to be tomorrow. You can start now!

Are you ready to take a step into that RADIANT Life Refresh Waterfall feeling?

Let’s turn your life around!
Laura Ann Garris

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What clients are saying...

"I know from personal experience that Laura Ann is an amazing Life Refresh Coach!  She can tune into your life situation and provide the necessary guidance to help you release any stuckness and self-limiting beliefs.  I highly recommend working with her to get your life force optimized and build positive momentum toward the best version of yourself."- Chris Cirak, Cirak Inc.

‚ÄúWorking with¬†Laura Ann¬†helped¬†me to have¬†more courage in my life.¬†¬†She shared so many tools to help¬†me¬†build a stronger foundation¬†to live with more peace, harmony, laughter and love.‚ÄĚ- Julie Joy, Hartford CT

"I loved ūü•į my session with Laura Ann. It was unlike any energy reading I‚Äôve had. Her joy and excitement for my chart had me view my own life in a new perspective as an observer.¬† ¬† ¬†I felt very emotionally held and supported throughout the call as I felt more connected to divine feminine support than ever. Her suggestions were also very practical and hands on with things I could implement. The call truly uplifted me & reminded me that on our life‚Äôs path there are trials and tribulations and it‚Äôs not always a bed of roses and that‚Äôs ok to be in a challenging spot. Her insights were very useful and I left feeling uplifted and curious about how to work with this current chapter in a new way through nurturing myself so I can continue to do so for others." - Alex L, Yogagurl- Toronto, Canada


"Sometimes the simplest answer is the easiest. And often extremely talented people don't recognize their gifts, because they are normal for them. Yet we perceive them as extraordinary. Laura's work IS powerful. I attest first-hand! "   -Diann A., California 


"Warm, welcoming coaching that allows me to open up with ease."  - Cam, Seattle Washington

Private Coaching for Living Your Sweet Life 

Understanding your unique energy blueprint allows you the opportunity to refresh yourself at a deep level.  Having a dedicated Coach by your side provides accountability, clarity, and perspective in taking the next steps.

I've got your back... With a customized Coaching package to fit your specific life refresh goals including:

  • Virtual Weekly Reiki Energy Support
  • Deeper Mapping Your Sweet Life Exploration¬†
  • Astrocartography
  • Intuitive Visualizations¬†¬†
  • Mindset Affirmations
  • Moon Cycles & Intentions¬†

    Schedule a Call to Apply Now for Private Coaching and Start Living Your Sweet Life Today!

Schedule a Call to Apply now for Private Coaching and Start Living Your Sweet Life Today!

Walking the Sweet Life Home Course

A 30 day Self-Paced Course to motivate and encourage your authentic alignment.

Each video is under 4 minutes long, so it is perfect to watch in on the go or as part of your morning self-care. This course was created to start you on your own journey to map, claim and share your Sweet Life.

This is an ideal course if you find yourself: Standing in a new pathway, unsure how to refresh, align or connect to the best version of yourself.

What you get in this 30 Day Video Course:

  • Daily Insightful Philosophical Questions to help you map your life
  • Daily Breathing and Grounding exercises to help you claim your life
  • Daily Intuitive Encouragement to help you share your life

Each daily session of this course is fully narrated and designed for clarity and graceful alignment. You can return to these videos as often as you would like as you continue on the Sweet Life Journey.

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