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Weekly Refresh: Unleashing Springtime Grit

May 09, 2023
Mary Knippel

Unleashing Springtime Grit! 

Springtime is here and it's time to be unmuted and full of grit! Are you ready? Are things clearer for you now more than ever? Do you know what you must do and know there is no turning back?


Our iconoclastic chosen paths are unfolding, and they are beckoning us forward with grace, adventure, and epic views. Do you have the tools and resources you need to be successful and vibrant? Do you have a guide for this amazing journey?


I encourage you to consider what you carry in your Essential Alignment Backpack for Living Your Sweet Life. Is it heavy and burdensome, or is it light and agile? Can it go anywhere, anytime, for any condition?


Having a morning grounding and aligning routine is the anchor of my day. No matter how much sleep I get or don’t get, I take time to align, connect, and magnify my sacred fire. I use what I call my Essential Alignment Backpack for Living My Sweet Life:

  1. Affirmations/Prayers
  2. Dance Music
  3. EFT Tapping Solutions
  4. Heroic Training Platform App
  5. Hiking Boots
  6. Morning Journal
  7. Reiki Practices
  8. TimePassages App for Transits
  9. Walking the Sweet Life Home: 30-day course- Day 18 LAUGH! (Kajabi App)
  10. Wil Hof Breathing Techniques


It's light and flexible as I have fine-tuned it over the past decade to truly help me to fully live my Sweet Life. The clunky hiking boots are for walking my 2 German Shepherds that have become one of my favorite rituals of the day. How does your Essential Alignment Backpack compare? Could you use a refresh?


Allowing fun and play into our lives allows us to feel unmuted and come to existing obstacles with a gritty resolve to try a fresh perspective to reach a solution.


For those of you who are Mapping Your Sweet Life, here are some fun insights on the Cosmic Energy happening now:


  1. The Full Moon Eclipse on 5/5/23 was on the same degree of 15 Scorpio that Buddha received his Full Moon enlightenment (aka Wesak). Release the old and prepare for new.
  2. This week we have Sun conjunct Uranus which gives us all a chance to see things with a new perspective and plant seeds for our innovative and creative projects.
  3. Wherever Taurus is your chart, be ready to be activated for deep change!


If you want to learn more about Mapping Your Sweet Life 60-minute session, please visit www.LifeRefresh to schedule your customize session with me and refill your Essential Alignment Backpack for Living Your Sweet Life now. 

You deserve to Live The Sweet Life,

Laura Ann

Life Refresh Coach, Author and Speaker

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