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The Squeeze- The Power of Transformation

#gritandgrace #liferefreshcoach #livingthesweetlife365 #thelemonadestand3 Apr 17, 2023

"When you realize that every stressful moment you experience is a gift that points you to your own freedom, life becomes very kind."- Byron Katie


Thursday, April 27, 2023 5PM CT/3PM PT on Zoom for the Premier Season of THE SQUEEZE with Michelle Faust and Co-Authors of The Lemonade Stand 3


The Squeeze - The Power of Transformation 

What does a squeeze feel like to you? 

For me, I think of a squeeze like a big giant bear hug from my muscular son, or the “suck it all in” feeling to get through a narrow rock pathway on a mountain ridge trail, or maybe it is “the crammed in” feeling of getting 10 large adults and their multiple suitcases into an elevator at the airport car park.  

With the first one, I am filled with unbridled joy and love, the second fear and WTF overwhelm, and the third, I feel my blood pressure rise, anxiety hit the roof, and self-doubt flood my mind with thoughts that I may not make it to the next floor without hyperventilating.  Regardless of the type of squeeze, I am transformed out of my comfort zone by leaning into my divine core that is calm and free. There I breathe, become grounded, and feel the graceful radiance rising from within me.

As a co-Author in The Lemonade Stand 3, I wrote my chapter, Living the Sweet Life- The RV Edition, showcasing the heartbreak of 2020 and the resilience of the human spirit to heal, rebuild and thrive. 


Here is an excerpt from my chapter in The Lemonade Stand 3, Pg 63:

Say it isn’t so! Twenty miles outside of Oklahoma City, our RV transmission went out. Of course, there was only one place nearby to fix it, and of course, they had to order parts, AND of course, the parts would not get there until after Christmas. NEW PLAN. Okay, God, I can’t wait to see how you make this turn out! But God knew. We were able to stay with our friends, safe, sheltered, and provided with more laughter.

The beautiful Christmas Star was shining brightly in the sky. It was the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction that lasted for the next few days at sunset. It was a feast for the astronomer’s eye and the dreamer’s heart.

I wrestled so much with God this year. The surgery had unleashed my “dark night of the soul.” It started with me waking up in the middle of the night during the June full moon. I just couldn’t take it anymore. It was the feelings of deepest despair, a rawness in my heart that I could not hide, the rock bottom of feeling so unloved which caused a well of tears that overtook me like a giant emotional waterfall. Any expectation that my family would or wanted to take care of me was gone. I felt they were just not interested nor had the bandwidth to do so.

When my husband came out to check on me, he asked me what I wanted him to do. Did I need a counselor?

I wanted to feel his love for me. I wanted him to come and hold me and tell me everything was going to be alright. He did not.

I needed to tap into more divine love and surrender to God in a deeper way than I had ever done before, so I could make it through the night. I could not do this healing on my own. God was going to have to heal me from the inside out. I was broken—physically, mentally, and emotionally. I surrendered to God in the deepest lamentation of my heart to help, love, and show me how to get through all this pain.

The rocking chair I was sitting in was now moving to the rhythm of my breath. There was a stillness around me that was pure and vast. A deep peace welled up through me to fill my deep broken places and mend my wounded heart. There was nothing left for me to do except receive this divine gift of healing, peace, and trust in the healing process.

I felt that God was with me vibrantly now. I was going to make it through this hell and heal, find hope, and hold His unconditional love at my core. There was no turning back now. Every step was about healing, loving with integrity and faithfulness, and always choosing the zest of life over fear.

Throughout the next twelve months, I would wake up repeating the phrase, “I choose life. I choose life.” I chose a life that was not hidden or silent but a life full of love, creativity, laughter, beauty, adventure, friendship, and abundance. A life in alignment with who I truly was.

I spent a great deal of time praying and meditating that summer as my broken body slowly healed. I found that I was starved for touch. Each night I laid next to my husband, having him caress my body. This felt more important to me than oxygen as I lingered as close to him as possible.

Blessed friends continued to stop by and sit with me. Little did they know how much I needed their encouraging words and to see their smiling faces. My isolation was slowly easing, and God’s faithfulness to my healing was showing.

The doctor allowed me to slowly start increasing the weight I could put on my leg. Painful and exhausting at times, I started to get my strength back. I looked forward to returning to work and focusing on the opening of our elementary school.

Then, not to be outdone by mother nature, the unimaginable happened. The news reported that on August 27th, Hurricane Laura, a category four storm, would make landfall on the southwest Louisiana shore. The State of Louisiana and surrounding areas were in a state of emergency. Hurricane Laura rained down complete devastation, with at least 47 dead and over $1 billion given in FEMA assistance. Did it have to be named “Laura”? “


On The Squeeze, Michelle Faust interviews me and co-author Susan Franklin, Courtney Kaplan and Julie Kenzler on depth of our transformation, and how we have used it to serve others.

Join me on this special day and time (Thursday, April 27th at 5PM CDT/3PM PDT ) to celebrate the launch of The Squeeze and the vulnerability of the co-authors who have turned their trauma and obstacles into fuel for their life purpose.


Thursday, April 27, 2023 5PM CT/3PM PT on Zoom -The Squeeze- Premier of Season One on Zondra TV.


Living The Sweet Life,

Laura Ann Garris, Life Refresh Coach

Best Selling Co-Author of The Lemonade Stand 3, International Best Selling Co-Author or Written In Her Own Words: Wise Woman Wisdom,


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