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Play is the antidote to being stuck

Apr 04, 2023
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Play is the antidote to being stuck.

I've come to that point that I feel so stuck. Have you ever been there?

The point where you have done everything that you were "supposed" to do, and nothing seemed to be moving forward?  Well, today instead of quitting, I am playing. 

Playing by redirecting all my energy into things I love. Playing by taking an extra-long nature walk. Playing by exploring areas of new scientific research that blow my mind.  Most of all, I choose to just laugh, boldly and fearlessly this morning.  Why? Because I can!

For me, being stuck comes when I take myself way too seriously. The moment I surrender to my creative urge for play, laughter and a big ole' hug, my life seems to break free to innovate and explore. Suddenly, new connections seem to pop into my email and Facebook pages. Even now, a business friend of mine announced her new course, and other one his new summit.

Everything in divine order and divine timing. The pause is not being truly stuck, it is a plea to play, enjoy life even more, get creative and take time for ourselves.  Amazingly, the universe and the opportunities unfold abundantly as we ready for them.

How are you playing today?


 Laura Ann Garris, Life Refresh Coach

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