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Goodness and Beauty Everywhere?

#lifecoach #liferefreshcoach #livingthesweetlife365 #mappingyoursweetlife #resilence Feb 21, 2023

“Why don’t I see goodness and beauty everywhere? Because you cannot see outside of you what you fail to see inside.”Anthony DeMello


Oh! How that hit home for me today. 

Knowing it takes courage and commitment to my inner journey in order to shine the light ever so deeper into my own psyche. Only then is it possible to reveal the goodness and beauty I crave to see out in the world.

Well, I don’t know about you, but I am ready for some deep revealing goodness and beauty right now. 

This quote has served today as a gas pedal to amplify my courage to put my own self-care and discovery as a priority. And again, allowed me to have permission to just sit and be with the goodness within. 

Today, the February winter storms are rolling through the Pacific Northwest.  With the recent new moon in Pisces, my mind is intuitively open to new creative ideas and dreams that take my business to a new level.  While my body wants to curl up on the couch and just feel safe, the cadence of my soul is urging me to breathe and cherish the creativity unfolding like a summer rose.  Now, I let my mind become the gifted written articulator of these new soul dreams alive with clarity and poignancy.  Awe… the goodness.

Wondering why it has been so difficult for me in the past to see my goodness and beauty? Maybe an even better question would be, why do I think any day would require anything different than this level of courage to look within? Today is another unfolding of this incredible Sweet Life I was born to have.

Today, how can you amplify your courage to look deeply within? Could this also just be a day to sit courageously and be with the goodness and beauty that is you?

What I do know now is that I see the beauty and goodness in the Gift that is YOU!

Laura Ann Garris, Life Refresh Coach

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