Mapping your Sweet Life

Mapping Your Sweet Life

Are you ready to understand your unique energy blueprint for mapping your Sweet Life? 
Threading a custom blend of certified Heroic coaching, intuitive wisdom, reiki energy, your natal birth chart information, and your human design code, this session will walk you through key indicators and pathways to reach and live your Sweet Life.
  • 45 minute session on Zoom
  • Charts and reports included
  • You will be contacted for scheduling of session
  • $497 per session 

(Note: This session is for informational use only and is not meant to diagnose, heal, treat, or for medical purposes.)

What People Are Saying:

I know from personal experience that Laura Ann is an amazing Life Refresh Coach! She can tune into your life situation and provide the necessary guidance to help you release any stuckness and self-limiting beliefs. I highly recommend working with her to get your life force optimized and build positive momentum toward the best version of yourself.

Chris Cirak, Cirak Inc.

$497.00 USD